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  Jie Jiegao is a new released APP which developed by Yiwen Technology. This app aims at analyse driving behavior, check vehicle faults, online vehicle inspection and anti lost, assists driver manage their vehicle better. Furthermore, it also reserve the basic tracking app functions, such as: real-time tracking, historical route playback, geo-fence, vibration alerts, remote control.


实时跟踪.png                  车辆体检.png                  电子围栏.png

           Real Time Tracking                                  Vehicle Inspection                                            Geo-Fence

Track the position of your device in           APP online inspection, get the                   Provides a geographic boundary

real time. Keep your vehicle safe                status of power, body, chassis                   around areas that have interest   

                   anytime                                                   and signal                                                          for you

报警提醒.png                汽车历史轨迹.png                     油耗提=.png

                  Alerts                                                        Playback                                              Fuel Consumption

The APP will push the alert messages         Allow users view the historical route              Check the consumption of

when vehicle is damage, overspeed,                              of vehicle                                      fuel during a period of time

                    fault etc..



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