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Yi Tracker is an well-known GPS tracking APP for vehicle GPS trackers, it's developed by Yiwen Technology and it's an ideal GPS tracking system for your fleet management business. The Yi Tracker works with a car GPS tracker and tells you exactly where your loved car is, and where it’s been. 

The Yi Tracker is a intuitive GPS tracking system that with Android & IOS APP. The user can get into the function page by clicking the specific icon. It tracks your vehicle accurately and in real-time, update its location every 10 seconds. It keeps your vehicle safety and you can playback the past six months historical route at most.

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You will see multiple trackers at one Map when you login by the account. Manage these trackers in device list, view all trackers' location in Google Map, switch the tracker location easily. Geofence is a perfect function for fleet business, the fleet company can draw a safety boundary that limit the activity of their vehicles. It will produce the alarm message and notify you when tracker get into or out of the safety boundary, make sure the vehicles is under your control.

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