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The Software

Yiwen GPS tracking software is designed for personal and bussiness needs. No matter you are a end user, fleet or a enterprise, this software can always meet your requirements.The software is a neutral system which without any identity and label. Thus, we can offer OEM/ODM services to clients, you'll have full access to build your own business and manage your users and gps devices.


We implement latest trends in Web development, the software owns a intuitive and friendly interface. It provides an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard and accurate reports about trips, stops, alerts, duration etc.. Therefore, it reduces the amount of time you spend in operation and technical support.


Powerful Features


定位.png                                                                                             多语言.png

Real-Time Tracking                                                                                  Multi Language

Track the location of your device in real-time.                                                     Available in more than 16 popular languages

Get additional information about the device:

ID No.;Status;Time etc.                                                 




user.png                                                                                             interface.png

Sub-Users                                                                                                           Intuitive Interface

The reseller or distributor can add multiple                                                         Offers a intuitive and friendly interface, users 

sub-users and view their status                                                                  can familiar with the software within 5 minutes                                                                                                                                                            

geofence.png                                                                                              报告.png

Geofence                                                                                                Various Reports

Provides a geograhpic boundaries around areas that                                         Generate various reports of devices, such 
have interest for you. Receive the alerts when the                                              as: mileage report, alerts report, stop report,
device enters or exits this boundaries.                                                                 overspeed report etc..



history.png                                                                                              POI.png

Playback                                                                                                   POI

Allow users view the historical route of device                                                       Add markers at the specific locations                                                                                                                                        




Mobile APP

Download the mobile app(Track IT) from Google Play or APP Store



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