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Yiwen develops mobile apps suitable for GPS Tracking Device, family tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking or even pet tracking. They all based on Android and iOS operating systems. Our R&D team well prepared 4 kinds of GPS tracking app, each providing diverse functions and capabilities: Track IT, Yi Tracker, Yi Tracker2, AIBEILE. Yi Tracker and Yi Tracker2 provides real-time tracking services for vehicle gps tracker. AIBEILE provides tracking services for personal and pets. Track IT is an all-in-one app which offer tracking service to vehicle, personal, asset and pets.

The Track IT lets you manage your personal, pets, asset and vehicle tracking device. Download the APP, register an account by Email, add the tracking device to get its real-time position, and do some operations to set up your individual gps tracking system or even gps tracking group.

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Register and start tracking in less than 5 minutes

Input your Email address than get the verification code to accomplish the register, it' easy      and quick to start tracking your device!

Create your own group to manage the related device

This is a brand-new feature of tracking app! Think about that: when a company organize a travelling, it would be a annoying problem that someone didn't show up at the appointed time. Now, it's no necessary to worry for that. In this page, user can view all the added devices position in one map, you will know his position and go push him.

No matter a vehicle device or personal device, Track IT can always makes it fit us

Track IT will identify the device model automatically, generate the corresponding page based on the model

Intuitive Report

Users can check the stop and mileage report Track IT. Select the date range then app generate the report and shows to user



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